Sunday, June 10, 2007

England Players Play For Charity

England players have decided to play for free and donate the money earned from the match to charity.They are going to establish a Team England Footballers Charity.

Here are some comments from few men in the team(From BBC)

# John Terry Said ""Every player to a man is looking forward to supporting this charity"

# Football Association chief Brian Barwick Said "I am very pleased the whole squad has taken this initiative."

# Byrne told the Daily Mirror: "I am not going to say we are saving the world or that we should have haloes fitted but as a group the England players wanted to make a difference."

Let England players do this successfully.Hope every team comes forward to do things like this.

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Alonso Extends His Contract With Liverpool-Says No To Other Clubs

Xabi Alonso recently extended his contract with Liverpool and has indirectly said NO to other clubs.The Spanish Midfielder who scored twice from half way line,is happy with Liverpool and will stay with them till 2012.I have embedded the youtube video below of the goal he scord.You can watch it from there.

It seems that Alonso is really happy with the present club and wants to stay here longer.Liverpool FC fans are really happy with this.
According to BBC,Alonso said:

# I knew there was interest from other clubs but it was always my idea to stay here. It's a special club and I just didn't want to leave.

# The more top-quality players we have then the better the level of the team will be and I'm confident I can play a lot of minutes on the pitch and keep the confidence of the manager.

Other than Alonso,Gerrard and Carragher has also extended their contract with Liverpool.
Not to forget,Pepe Reina also extended his contract.

Xabi Alonso's Half Way Goal:


Friday, June 8, 2007

Viduka Transfers From Middlesbrough FC To Newcastle FC

Mark Viduka transfers from Middlesbrough FC to Newcastle FC.On June 5th,It seems that Viduka agreed for the transfer.The Australian forward will be playing for Newcastle FC next season.This is a great news for Newcastle FC fans.So here's a little bio and video of Viduka:

Name: Mark Anthony Viduka
DOB: 09-10-1975
Position: Striker
Club: Newcastle


Enjoy the video and Viduka transfer from Middlesbrough FC to Newcastle FC.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Gerrard And Carragher To Extend Contract

Gerrard and Carragher are now in to extending their contract.This season there are so many transfer speculations going on.Saviola to Manchester United.Henry in talks with Barca.AC Milan interest in Henry.Eto'o Arsenal transfer gossip.Owen Hargreaves to Manchester United.The most well-known Beckham Transfer to LA Galaxy.

So many transfers going on,but the two English men are on the track to extend their contract with Liverpool.Gerrard has been a promising player Liverpool from the past few seasons.Carragher is also playing well in Liverpool.So these guys are going to extend their contract.Good News for the Liverpool Fans.

Here's videos of the two men for Liverpool:



Monday, June 4, 2007

AC Milan Confess Their Interest In Thierry Henry

Thierry Henry is linked to many major football clubs.We know that he was asked by Barcelona.Now AC Milan's coach Carlo Ancelotti has confessed that his club is interested in Henry.It is said that Henry didn't like the way Arsenal played this season.The way they finished this season was not how Henry wanted them to.The French striker has an idea to move for another club.Hearing this,all major clubs are in line to sign him.

Comments by Ancelotti and Henry(According to bbc):

# "Henry is a great striker and among the players that we are interested in," said Ancelotti.

# Henry said: "Since I started playing football there has been speculation about me going to a lot of clubs and that will never, ever stop.

"But as I said, for now I'm an Arsenal player, so there is nothing to add to it."

Henry on his present club:
# "It was pretty difficult to see once again that we finished so far away from the top teams"

# "It's always the same top four and I'm actually getting annoyed that we're finishing at the end of the top four now."

Will Henry leave Arsenal?Where will Henry move?

Celebrating Beckham's Return To England

Name:David Robert Joseph Beckham



Club:Real Madrid


David Beckham Videos:

Becks' Free Kicks:

Becks' Free kick against Brazil:

David's Half Line Goal:

Celebrating David Beckham's return to the English side.