Monday, June 4, 2007

AC Milan Confess Their Interest In Thierry Henry

Thierry Henry is linked to many major football clubs.We know that he was asked by Barcelona.Now AC Milan's coach Carlo Ancelotti has confessed that his club is interested in Henry.It is said that Henry didn't like the way Arsenal played this season.The way they finished this season was not how Henry wanted them to.The French striker has an idea to move for another club.Hearing this,all major clubs are in line to sign him.

Comments by Ancelotti and Henry(According to bbc):

# "Henry is a great striker and among the players that we are interested in," said Ancelotti.

# Henry said: "Since I started playing football there has been speculation about me going to a lot of clubs and that will never, ever stop.

"But as I said, for now I'm an Arsenal player, so there is nothing to add to it."

Henry on his present club:
# "It was pretty difficult to see once again that we finished so far away from the top teams"

# "It's always the same top four and I'm actually getting annoyed that we're finishing at the end of the top four now."

Will Henry leave Arsenal?Where will Henry move?

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